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Feb 13

Dog Fights – Poor Puppy Attacked – Rescued

This poor puppy was attacked by a group of dogs which caused a deep wound on the sternum area and small wounds in multiple part of neck and shoulder. Bikesh

Dec 13

Nooma and Sister Donates 40,000. Thank you Nooma

Nooma Limbu and her sister spent time with our furries and also donated the sum of Rs. 40,000 for their welfare. We would like to thank them for their kind

Dec 07

Mr. Ang Jeeva Sherpa Donating Rs.10,000 – Thank you so much

We would like to heartly thank Mr. Ang Jeeva Sherpa for donating us the sum of Rs. 10,000 for the welfare of the animals. Help us to reach more animals

Jun 30

Dogs Critical – Snehas Care Team Treatment – Thank you Sadikchya

This beautiful dog is really the most calm and composed when being treated with medications although she has eye tumor and is in so much of pain. Thank you to

Nov 03

Why Did You Crush Me with your Vehicle??

What have I done to you? Tell me. Did I bite you? Scare you? All I do is bark because that’s how I talk. I don’t think I have done

Oct 22

Dog with Maggots at Kalanki Rescued by Sneha

While going to Naagdhunga for the investigation on Live Animal Transportation, our founder encountered a dog with maggots wounded wandering in the garbage at Kalanki. She then gave a packet

Sep 06

Dog with Tumor Treated. Now He Runs like a Horse :)

How do you feel when something is hanging on your body and you are dragging. It would be extra weight on yourself and would visit doctor to remove it to

Jul 27

Thank you Rabi Lamichhane, Snehas Care Will Not Let you Down

Thank you so much Rabi Lamichhane for bringing this issue nationwide. We hope to see the changes soon. We will come in the road and protest if this  wont stop. #BanLiveAnimalTransportation Below is

Apr 25

Motorcycle Hits the Dog and Runs Away, How Cruel Human has been these Days !!!

Hit & Run is an act of crime when a person knowingly flees the scene of the accident, where there has been an injury to the other person or living

Jan 26

Merry is Finally Noticed, When Hopes Dies, Snehas Care arise

Merry was unnoticed for many days due to which she is in a critical state now. We were reported to her by Mr. Deepak Sharma as soon as he saw