Tag: Donate for Cause

Dec 07

Mr. Ang Jeeva Sherpa Donating Rs.10,000 – Thank you so much

We would like to heartly thank Mr. Ang Jeeva Sherpa for donating us the sum of Rs. 10,000 for the welfare of the animals. Help us to reach more animals

Feb 06

Donations by Him Electronics – Thank you so much

Thanks to Him Electronics Pvt.Ltd. and Hansraj Hulas Chand and Co. Pvt. Ltd. for donating Rs.34005. This amount will help the animals living at the shelter. Thank you Pratikshya jee

Nov 05

Dipendra BC Celebrates his Birthday @ Snehas Care, Thank You for Donation :)

Thank you, Mr. Dipendra BC, for celebrating your birthday with our furry friends. He has donated Rs. 15,000 to support our cause. It is great to meet such an avid

Sep 02

Thank You Biswas Lama For Sponsoring 4 Dogs of Our Shelter :)

It is so great to see a people like Biswas Lama. He has been sponsoring 4 dog of our shelter. The lucky four dogs are Seti, Rumi, Aishwarya & Rekha.

Aug 30

Dog Bitten Badly, Rescued, Help Us Rescue More

Rescued this afternoon from Nakhhu.We do not need to write what happened to this dog but we knew that he was bitten badly by some evil. The wound he has

Apr 24

Meet Lola with Tumor in her Tummy, Help Her in Her Treatment.

This is Lola. Lola suffers from a mammary tumor in her abdomen area, which has made her quite weak. She is unable to move much because of the heavy weight

Apr 10

They Kept on Promising to Take him Home, But it Never Happened. She was Abandoned.

We found this guy abandoned on the streets, hungry, scared and injured. He has been in our shelter for a year. Unlike most of our cases, we even tracked down

Dec 10

Dog with Skin and Eye Problem Rescued , He is under treatment

Fur provides dogs with warmth. But what if the same fur falls off their skin that too in this cold winter? Same is his situation. Ill-starred furry! Skin problem led

Nov 26

Abandoned Dog Rescued again by Snehas Care, Pet Rescued.

We got a rescue call from Gongabu for this poor dog. As per the locals, the dog was abandoned once he started suffering and his little wound turned into a

Nov 21

Dodo Recovery, Before and After after 47 Days

Our hearts sinks in sorrow everytime we see one of our friends suffering in excruciating pain and life so miserable enough to make hell on earth. Our challenges seems to