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Dec 06

Jaya Ram Lama Donates 25000 NPR – Thank you.

We would like to thank Mr. Jaya Ram Lama for spending his time with our furry friends and donating us the sum of Rs. 25,000 for the welfare of the

Sep 02

Thank You Biswas Lama For Sponsoring 4 Dogs of Our Shelter :)

It is so great to see a people like Biswas Lama. He has been sponsoring 4 dog of our shelter. The lucky four dogs are Seti, Rumi, Aishwarya & Rekha.

May 23

Calf in Critical Condition Rescued, Thank you Krishna & Friends, Thank you SPCA Nepal

Yesterday, a calf was rescued from Faika, Kapan. He had fallen from a certain height into the ground below. For 3 whole days, he lied there sometimes conscious and sometimes

May 19

Anna and Sanjana Donates !!! We Appreciate Your Generosity.

We would like to thank Anna and Sanjana, as well as all the lovely ladies from British Gurkha Camp’s Wives Club for the donation of Rs. 20,000 yesterday! With your

Dec 23

Dehydrated, Starving and Skin Disease, Street Dogs with harsh Condition Rescued

If you compare your life with that of a street dog, you will never complaining about yourself even if you can just afford two times meal and a roof to

Dec 17

Thank You Sanjib Ji For Your Generosity

Peter Marshall once said,” The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation.” The saying is rightly just by Mr. Sanjib who runs a grocery store names “Bhole

May 01

Early morning rescue at Nakhhu

Despite of heavy rain our team were able to make a temporary shelter for the cow this morning. She has been injured somehow and cannot move since a week. We