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Mar 15

Ms Shalu and Pallavi, Thank you for Donation

Ms. Shalu Bantha and Ms. Pallavi Bantha visited our shelter, spent time with our furry friends and donated the sum of Rs 3,000 in the loving memory of their dog

Feb 15

Ms. Ashoo Joshi and her friend Mr. Rijan Mulmi – Thank you for donation

We would like to heartily thank Ms. Ashoo Joshi and her friend Mr. Rijan Mulmi for spending time with our furry friends and donating us for the welfare of the

Dec 13

Nooma and Sister Donates 40,000. Thank you Nooma

Nooma Limbu and her sister spent time with our furries and also donated the sum of Rs. 40,000 for their welfare. We would like to thank them for their kind

Dec 07

Mr. Ang Jeeva Sherpa Donating Rs.10,000 – Thank you so much

We would like to heartly thank Mr. Ang Jeeva Sherpa for donating us the sum of Rs. 10,000 for the welfare of the animals. Help us to reach more animals

Mar 14

Animal Lovers @ our sanctuary

A group of animal lovers visited our Animal Sanctuary last week and spent their time with animals. Thank you so much for sharing your love and donating Rs. 8,000 for

Oct 22

Dog with Maggots at Kalanki Rescued by Sneha

While going to Naagdhunga for the investigation on Live Animal Transportation, our founder encountered a dog with maggots wounded wandering in the garbage at Kalanki. She then gave a packet

Sep 02

Thank You Biswas Lama For Sponsoring 4 Dogs of Our Shelter :)

It is so great to see a people like Biswas Lama. He has been sponsoring 4 dog of our shelter. The lucky four dogs are Seti, Rumi, Aishwarya & Rekha.

Jul 31

Donation of $1504 by Rokesh Nyeshang Gurung & Gita Gurung family. Thank You Generous Soul.

It is always great to see Rokesh Nyeshang Gurung & Gita Gurung family visiting our shelter and donating for cause. Thank you so much for your continuous support. The donation

May 07

Thank You Deepak & Family For your Generosity

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Deepak and his family for taking time out of their busy schedules and visiting us today! They have been a

Mar 29

Lovely Meera Donates For a Cause, Donate and Make a Difference !!!

Yesterday, we received a donation from Meera Lama. She had come back to Nepal for her own wedding. Instead of hiring a makeup artist for her big day, she decided to