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Jul 12

Satisfaction is – Treating Wounded Beautiful Paws

The feeling of helping sick and injured dog is the most satisfaction we can get each day. We went to treat this wounded beautiful paw when we got a call

Nov 05

Dog Hit by Car While Mother Dog Was Helpless, We Rescued.

This puppy was playing beside its mother when it was hit by a car. The mother did not know what do besides lick her pup and try to ease the

Oct 29

Abandoned Cow Rescue & Treated

Cows are abandoned in our country and they are worshipped as well one day in a year and again they are called the national animal of Nepal. Don’t we feel

Oct 18

We get threatened but We shall Stand Still.. Support our Cause !!!

Is it a good thing that someone call us and threaten to send back the Goat to their location? They threatened us that they will file a case at a

Sep 21

Devils All Around !!!

One of the dog who used to wander near our shelter was killed by devils yesterday. The dog died because of excess bleeding. We could not get enough proof that

Aug 31

He is Just 2 Years, Why People, Why?

Just thinking what has he done to deserve this. Just wandering around the streets of Gangabu and hoping for some food and treats from from the people around him. No

Jul 26

He is Weak, He is Dehydrated and Damaged Jaw, Whats wrong with Us?

Why is it that these innocent animals have to suffer so much because of us? This case of his left us with a very heavy heart. He is dehydrated and

May 17

Kriti, The Fighter, Fights Back

Kriti was rescued by a kind man and brought to us. She was hit by a car and has injuries on her back, due to which she cannot walk or

May 08

Dog Found in Bishnumati River, Rescued

This is a prime example of how cruel a human can be. We do not know how to explain or justify this act of random violence on a poor soul.

Apr 24

Bones Shattered, Painful Journey of a Dog, Ends When Snehas Care Steps In.

In terms of development, a lot has changed in the recent years in Nepal. We have schools, hospitals and shopping malls in every corner in the major cities. The economy