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Jul 28

Snehas Care Mobile Treatment

We are constantly working with the help of the sick and injured people in the streets. 5 more travel treatment services each day, including the rescue of 3 TO 4

May 23

Calf in Critical Condition Rescued, Thank you Krishna & Friends, Thank you SPCA Nepal

Yesterday, a calf was rescued from Faika, Kapan. He had fallen from a certain height into the ground below. For 3 whole days, he lied there sometimes conscious and sometimes

May 02

Holy Cow in Critical Condition, Rescued by Snehas Care.

Today we bring you another incident regarding the holy cow. This cow had been sitting in the same spot for 3 days in Bishalnagar. When the community people checked up

Apr 21

Mother Cow Needs our Help, Will you Help?

Another mother cow, the national animal of Nepal gets hurt because one could not drive carefully. Is this how it is going to be from now on? Treat one cow

Apr 13

Such a Generous Donation by THE PHYSIQUE WORKSHOP, Thank you so much !!! Our Pups are Super Happy :)

Thank you to The Physique Workshop for the big donation today! We are so glad to have supporters like you, who continue to help us. The Physique Workshop also supported us last

Apr 07

Its suffering is over. It was a strong one to have fought to survive this long. Rest in peace beautiful girl.

A cow with most of its body paralyzed was lying on the ground for 5 days at Balkhu, every night and every day in this weather. It was hit by

Feb 03

National Animal, Cow Hit and Run Case, Treated by Snehas Care

On one hand, we highly respect and worship this four-footed as goddess Laxmi as well as the national animal of Nepal and on the other hand, we turn a deaf

Aug 29

Tail of Calf Was Cut , Snehas Care spared no time & Rescued it !!!

We regard cow as our national animal and highly respect and worship her as our Mother cow in Nepalese Society. But why can’t we feel the same for a bull.

Aug 25

Help us Help those in Need , We are doing the best we can do.

When flood hit Terai region of Nepal, our team rushed to the site before it could get further worst. We have been continuously visiting different places of Terai and providing

Aug 16

Saving life of innocent voiceless is what we thrive for !!!

Millions of life at stake due to the flood that took place in Terai region of Nepal due to heavy rainfall since Friday. We couldn’t just sit and let the