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Tag: Rescuing Street Dogs

Jul 12

Satisfaction is – Treating Wounded Beautiful Paws

The feeling of helping sick and injured dog is the most satisfaction we can get each day. We went to treat this wounded beautiful paw when we got a call

Mar 17

Please we beg you, Drive Slow !!!

Another day, another hit & run. This is like an everyday story now. It has almost become a repetitive occurrence. So repetitive that we might fear people will find it

Mar 13

It is People Like You, Who gives us Hope

Daily, we get numerous messages about hit & run cases. Only the day before, we rescued two dogs that were gravely injured. This small puppy was lying cold and unable

Aug 28

Hit and Run, Snehas Care Treatment !!!

Yes, I was there on the wrong street at the wrong time. But does that mean that you are welcome to drive over me, hit me and run away? Don’t

Aug 22

Nono, with Skin Condition, Youngest Member at Snehas Care !!!

Meet Nono, the youngest member of Sneha’s family. He is so adorable and can fit easily on our hand. This innocent little life is suffering from skin disease at such