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Jul 27

Rest in Peace My love – RK heads to Heaven.

You are forever in our soul and your pawprint in our hearts, our dear beloved RK. After dumped by your owner, we had found you in a very measurable condition

Apr 20

A Voiceless, A Sightless is Free at Last, Free at Last, Rest in Peace my Boy

Being born as the voiceless animal has been the most unfortunate thing that has ever happened to me. No matter how much pain we animals go through, itโ€™s very tough

Jul 20

Rest in Peace my Boy

We feel sad sometimes for not being able to save the life of furry friends. We rescued him from Balaju in a very critical condition. He was not able to

Jul 14

We had no option than to Put Him Down, Rest in Peace boy

He was found lying in a street and got rescued once we were informed about his situation. Took him vet and went through Blood test and Ultrasound. After the blood

Jul 14

Rest In Peace Little Boy : Had to Put you Down : Free You Are :(

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC). Feels like street dogs has no rights to live in this earth – Found this little boy in Thasikhel, Lalitpur and he is no more among

Apr 05

Sorry to See you go Love. Return If Possible (RIP)

Daisy was brought to Snehas Care by a fine lady after seeing her tummy extra big, very abnormal one. After diagnosis, It was discovered that Daisy had the condition called

Jan 16

Reckless Driver and Me

I had to leave this cruel world because of one Human. What would happened if the driver has drove the car carefully? I would be still living in this world.

sneha care
Jan 14

Thank You Sneha For Sending Me Home

Never got any NAME tillI lived in this cruel world. I was hit by a car two months back. I was crawling in the street, thousands of people saw me

street animals
Nov 18

Thank you for sending me in heaven. I am happy here.

I have no name & I am no more in this cruel world – I was crying all day and all night to let people know that i am not

Sep 22

My Heart Aches To See You Go

He is no more with us. Rest in peace lil boy. Tried a lot to save you but everything is not in our hand ๐Ÿ™ย (He is no more with us.