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Oct 22

Wounds and Maggots Everywhere, Rescued – Thank you Aashis

Many people care less for the lives of others other than themselves. We see humans but without humanity. But today it was proven wrong. Aashis Thapa,a kind animal lover from

Mar 13

Innocent Pup Hit and Run, Rescued and Treated at Snehas Care

This is a story of this innocent pup, which made its way to our shelter this morning. A puppy at just two months old had to face such a tragedy

Dec 23

Humanity at the Dead End, Snehas Care Rescues again

The humanity is at a dead end. Why bother an innocent life who has the ability to forgive you for your every crime? The dog is not a thing. He

Dec 22

God Helps Those Who Helps Themselves.

There is a famous saying, ” God helps those who help themselves.” True indeed! He lost one of his legs when he was a puppy. But he never felt weak

Dec 01

I am Rufus and I got my Furs Back, Thank you Snehas Care

A drastic transformation from being a ugly Rufus to a Rufus with beautiful fur. Here is my journey from a scary looking dog to a handsome guy. Blood scattering from

Nov 11

Defense Minister of Nepal Visits Snehas Care, Animal Lover and A Leader , Yey

Defense minister of Nepal, Hon. Bhimsen Das Pradhan and his animal loving family visited our shelter on Kukur Tihar. It is so nice to see the leaders of Nepal loving

Oct 13

dogs from Karyabinayak, Lalitpur spaying the furry friends.

The day went tiring for our team members. Our doctor and vet were all busy in spaying the furry friends. Altogether 10 dogs from Karyabinayak, Lalitpur were spayed today in

Sep 27

Seri is Getting Better, Before and After of our handsome Seri

Hey! Its Seri here. Ever imagined a wound with maggots and searing pain agitating your nerve and comfort? I have gone through this stage. Ask me how did I feel.

Aug 29

Treating Old Furry with Loose Motion Problem

This handsome furry was badly vomiting and was suffering from loose motion problem. The resident nearby Mr Shailendra and Mrs Nabin are feeding him since long time. As they encountered

Aug 27

Extreme Dog Fight with Broken Teeth Rescued

Our eyes were all wet when this miserable furry reached our shelter. How brutally his teeth were broken! Dog fight is the cause for this wretched condition of this furry.