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May 30

Feed a starving dog at least once a day

How much money do people these days spend on dandy stuff and other fancy accessories or for their entertainments? And how much do you think would one need to feed

May 29

Thank you, Suraj Nigam & Barun Pant For Donation

The value of life is not in its duration but in its donation. You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective

street dogs Nepal
Mar 21

Spayed 44 Dogs, Thank you Everyone.

Past Nine days went very good. We spayed/Neuter 44 Street Dogs at our Shelter. Thanks Doctors, Volunteers for making it happen. All dogs were vaccinated & dewormed as well. Starting

snehas care
Feb 02

I am sorry for this poor cow who is completely innocent.

How cruel can HUMAN be? Do not LOVE/Worship animals for a day if you harm them for rest of the days in a year. We give various name for their

stray dogs
Nov 28

Help Us Find a Home

If you remember us – We were born on the street of Kathmandu in fifth day Sneha mom rescued us and brought us to the caring center along with our

stray dogs
Aug 02

Kale and His WheelChair

This little boy was hit by a motorbike few months back and was under treatment by Mr. Atul . He was struggling for his treatment but nothing much happened. He

Jul 16

Stop Animal Cruelty

This calf has been hit & run by a crane 7 days back at Bishalnagar. Very difficult situation. Locals from the area was feeding the calf and asked many shelters

stray dogs
Jun 06

Couldn’t stop myself from helping this dog

Few days back, there was the case of HIT and RUN , the dog was hit by the vehicle and she had her leg fractured where I had helped financially

saved stray dog
Jun 02

Happy To Save Life

This dog was hit and run by a vehicle. One of a kind hearted girl took her to KAT center.She was fractured. KAT center does Spaying and small surgery in

May 31

Second Visit to Dog Mother.

I went to see the ” Dog Mother ” again. She has been such an inspiration to me. She always provides me energy and motivation to help the stray animals