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Dec 05

Hit and Run in Bhaktapur- Treatment under process

Hit and run case has become one of the national problem. This poor dog was ran over by the vehicle which led to the worst condition of the leg. It’s

Jun 22

Thank you Shanti for your love.. We will never give up

This beautiful paw has Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor(CTVT), a globally distributed tumor in dogs which is life threatening if not treated well. A kind animal lover Shanti Thapa from Setipakha

Jun 22

Mobile Treatment – Paw severe infection with maggots treated

This beautiful paw has a severely infected maggot wound on its back. We cannot imagine the pain this furry friend must have gone through all this time. When we got

Sep 23

Dog Fights, maggots, Common on Street Dogs, Rescued From Imadol

Rescued from Imadol yesterday and the wound is eaten by maggots. It must be because of dog fight during the mating season. To avoid the dog fight during the mating

Apr 11

Dogs with Calcium Deficiency and Deformed Leg Rescued from Dallu

The life of a dog in the streets. You have to search for food to survive, you have to protect yourself from other territorial dogs, you have to find a

Mar 25

Dog with Infected Eye Socket Rescued and Treated

This poor pup was rescued today early in the morning. With a bloody left eye and in agonizing pain, he was wandering the streets of Nil Barahi aimlessly. Upon inspection,

Mar 21

Thank you Worldwide Veterinary Service For your Support and Donations !!!

WVS has been supporting us throughout our journey of helping stray animals lead a better life. Only recently they donated a huge amount of Tick & Flea medicine to our shelter.

Jan 30

Fury with Skin Condition Rescued from Pepsicola

Suffering from a long time, this furry was finally encountered by M/s Anusha Karki at Pepsicola. We were soon reported about her pathetic condition. She had started to smell bad

Jan 04

Control Your Speed Limit People, you are Killing Us !!!

Hit & run case is increasing same as the inflation rate in our country. Some people are not conscious of the speed limit of their vehicle. They hit the innocent

Dec 31

My Dreams are Shattered, Why Dont you Look at Road when you drive???

My daydream of living an uncomplicated life shattered all at once when I got badly hit by a vehicle on the road. But the coward person ran away leaving me