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Tag: Treating Street Dogs

Sep 15

Kalu – On the way to Recovery

Helping dogs might not change the world but for the dog, its’ whole world changes! We met Kalu at Buddhanagar after reported by Mr. Dipendra Gyawali. Good fellow Mr. Gyawali

Jul 12

Satisfaction is – Treating Wounded Beautiful Paws

The feeling of helping sick and injured dog is the most satisfaction we can get each day. We went to treat this wounded beautiful paw when we got a call

Aug 30

Dog Bitten Badly, Rescued, Help Us Rescue More

Rescued this afternoon from Nakhhu.We do not need to write what happened to this dog but we knew that he was bitten badly by some evil. The wound he has

Jul 20

Heights of Human Stupidity, Dog was attacked with Sharp Object, Rescued.

Talking about heights of stupidity humans have crossed all the limitations (sorry for calling stupid people stupid). Where is the so-called morality that separates humans and animals. We should learn

Mar 17

Please we beg you, Drive Slow !!!

Another day, another hit & run. This is like an everyday story now. It has almost become a repetitive occurrence. So repetitive that we might fear people will find it

Dec 31

My Dreams are Shattered, Why Dont you Look at Road when you drive???

My daydream of living an uncomplicated life shattered all at once when I got badly hit by a vehicle on the road. But the coward person ran away leaving me

Dec 27

Adorable Pup Hit by Vehicle at Thimi Rescued, Mr. Niranjan Chhanju Helps

It seems like the end to hit & run case is almost impossible. This adorable puppy was hit by a vehicle at Thimi, Bhaktapur. The coward hit him and ran

Dec 13

How I struggle all day and How Snehas Care Treated me

This struggle to survive the pain was killing me. I couldn’t take in the pain. But each day I convince myself by saying “One more day and you will be

Dec 10

Dog with Skin and Eye Problem Rescued , He is under treatment

Fur provides dogs with warmth. But what if the same fur falls off their skin that too in this cold winter? Same is his situation. Ill-starred furry! Skin problem led

Dec 01

I am Rufus and I got my Furs Back, Thank you Snehas Care

A drastic transformation from being a ugly Rufus to a Rufus with beautiful fur. Here is my journey from a scary looking dog to a handsome guy. Blood scattering from