Tail of Calf Was Cut , Snehas Care spared no time & Rescued it !!!

We regard cow as our national animal and highly respect and worship her as our Mother cow in Nepalese Society. But why can’t we feel the same for a bull. After all bull is the offspring of mother cow and an innocent life. The case is that human is very selfish. You rear a cow because she gives you milk but abandon a bull in his calf stage just because you don’t find him beneficial. What kind of pathetic thought is this?

Look at his innocent and beautiful eyes. What do you see? Don’t you feel love for him. This beautiful calf was not only abandoned but also his tail was cut off by some treacherous person. The wound is infectious and even maggots were found in large amount in his wound. The so called civilized society is only for name. There is nothing called civilization and humanity left on earth.

Members of Live to Love International, White Gumba saw him while they went for cycling in the morning at Chobar Gate and informed us about him. Our ambulance went there for his rescue despite the fact that we don’t hold much space at the shelter and we don’t rescue animals other that dogs. We were grief-stricken seeing him. Our vet has taken out all the maggots from his wound and given necessary treatment. We hope to see his wound healed.

No service is above the service to the voiceless. Sponsor this calf to live a healthy life again. Donate us via
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Paypal – donatesnehazcare@gmail.com
Bank account – www.snehacare.org/donate

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