Thank You Adopters, You guys are awesome

Exactly a year back today –
A mother of 8 Puppies was found dead in a well. Some stupid people threw her into the well. It was very sad to see the puppies without their mother. But the good thing is, all the 8 puppies got adopted so quickly in the very next day of the mother was dead. I was worried if the adopters would be able to feed the babies with feeding bottle and if they would take good care of these puppies. See how they look now, doesn’t all the grown puppies looks handsome & beautiful? Thanks to everyone who gave them a very good home.13510834_686579918157682_5402807808181837333_n 13501832_686579914824349_2226597551509278632_n 13507121_686579884824352_973749947231100331_n 13533263_686579868157687_3344380880091125558_n 13528788_686579838157690_6566368441435381607_n 13510796_686579818157692_7934948042124557591_n

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