Thank You Biswas Lama For Sponsoring 4 Dogs of Our Shelter :)

It is so great to see a people like Biswas Lama. He has been sponsoring 4 dog of our shelter. The lucky four dogs are Seti, Rumi, Aishwarya & Rekha. We have hundreds of dogs living at the shelter who is waiting for a good home but cannot leave the shelter. Currently we have 8 dogs who are sponsored and we are looking for only hundred people with great heart who can sponsor our dogs living at the shelter. 
One dog of your choice can live a better life with just Rs. 3,000/Month.
Price of 10 bottles of beer = One dog living healthy life
Price of 15 boxes of cigarette = One dog living healthy life
Think today and start helping the needy ones.
If you like to sponsor a dog living at our shelter email us or text us.

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