Thank You Good Hearted People For Your Contribution

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Thank you Mr. Jamir Shrestha, Gurung Sisters & Ms. Pasang for your contribution towards street dogs. I am happy to see dog lovers like you guys and proud to talk about you guys.
Mr. Jamir Shrestha is a dog lover who owns a business and feed dogs in his area and take injured street dogs to the vet whenever he can. Donated Rs. 10,000/-

Gurung Sisters are awesome. They came searching my shelter and they are dog lovers (All Family) and always willing to help the way they can. Donated Rs. 5,500/-
Ms. Pasang is a student who thinks animals are important for humans. She has written a book on dogs as well. She loves street dogs and got chance to meet her at the Animal Medical Centre in Chabahil while she was there for her adopted street dog’s regular checkup. Donated Pedigree & Biscuits for the street dogs.

Thank you everyone for your help and contribution.

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