Sneha’s Care Salutes Mr. John and Mr. Mahesh Tuladhar

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Mr. John M. Anthony, a kind hearted person thought of donating some amount to Earthquake victims of Nepal. But his ex-colleague Mr. Mahesh Tuladhar suggested Mr. John to help needy animals and not humans.

As per him, there are many organisations and donation for human beings in Nepal, why not for needy animals?

I salute his thought and accepted the donation amount of NRS. 70,000 via Mr. Mahesh Tuladhar who is now running a business in Kathmandu. Tuladhar family are dog lovers and what a great idea of celebrating his son’s Shirish B’day at our Shelter.

I welcome everyone to celebrate your Big day at our place and help Strays instead of spending money on partying.

Share your happiness with our lovely Stray Dogs at Snehas Care Animal Shelter

Please visit our Shelter.

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