Thank You Sneha For Sending Me Home

sneha care

Never got any NAME tillI lived in this cruel world. I was hit by a car two months back. I was crawling in the street, thousands of people saw me crawling at the street for at least two months. None dared to come to me and take me to vet. Few days back someone saw me and took me to vet, her name was Sneha.

She tried her best and did all she can for my treatment. I was very badly dehydrated, my spinal cord was broken into two and I was paralyzed. Sneha cried seeing my X-Ray report and what i heard from her was,

“Why didn’t I see this dog the day he was hit by a car”?

sneha care

There would be some chances to survive if the surgery was done on time. I had to leave this world where i didnot belong. I am very happy now being away from Earth and the people here. Thank you Sneha for sending me to the great place instead of giving me more pain.

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