The cuties boarded to USA for their New Home

Musi, Fucchu & Lion found a new home in the USA.

Ms. Zoe is a founder of an organization named inside/out Humanitourismâ„¢ Adventures. The name itself is enough to explain her cause. inside/out provides amazing life-changing Humanitourism travel experiences for people who want to make a difference in the world and have fun doing it. Humanitourism combines meaningful volunteer work helping animals with outdoor eco-adventures for a truly authentic, connecting and fulfilling experience. We are Humanitourism: Humans helping Animals through ecoTourism.

She brought her programme this year to our shelter. It was a Santa Clause coming to visit us in Christmas when she entered the shelter. She brought a bunch of Soft toys to play with, beautiful leases for each dog, medicines and medical stuff, Blowguns & accessories, and many more surprising and useful things for our lovely furry friends. Three dogs were adopted and were taken to the USA.

The programme she has been running is wonderful and we thank you for what you do to connect humans with animals with Humanitourism.
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