Sneha, Shere, and the food in the bowl are still waiting for Seti!!
Let me begin from where Seti first rendered me sleepless by its timeless barking. Seti used to come to my house every night and bark nonstop for an entire night. There wasn’t a day when she didn’t ruin my sleep by barking. I am a dog lover, I agree but being sleepless every night because of the barking dog made me concerned. So I went to the apartment in front of my house early in the morning and saw many guards. Among them, I saw two dogs. I asked “Are these the dogs which bark an entire night? One guard replied,” I offer them a portion of my food I bring from home. So these two dogs namely Seti and Shere give me a company entire night by barking.”

“Seti” a dog who doesn’t belong to anyone and living in the street had only that guard who feeds her one fistful meal he could afford. That fistful meal she used to receive made her come in front of the apartment every day. When I first saw her, I could count the ribs for she was too lean. Ironic but true, the guard himself looked like Seti, thin and pitiful face he had! I passed one packet biscuit from my car and headed towards my office.
All my way, I was feeling triumphal with the thought that there are people like the guard who loves the dog so much to the extent he feeds his food to the dog. The guard used to reside opposite of my house. On the next day, I cooked the additional amount of food while cooking for my dog. I carried that food to an apartment. Seti ran towards me with a hope to get food. I fed her to its full appetite, and she ate till it was contended. Food filled the empty stomach of Seti and my heart with happiness. Two-three days passed away with the same routine, Seti started recognizing me and began to follow me.
I was afraid that it might be hit by the vehicles while crossing the road. I used to keep my eyes on her until she crossed the road. Seti found my house, and she started coming in my gate. Seti also began to bring Shere along with her. She had so much confidence in me and herself that she began jumping over the wall and used to enter my garden area. She used to make her return only after I fed her.

Since Seti was a female dog, I took her to the Shelter for spaying. I let her in the shelter for around 7 days. She wasn’t happy in the shelter so I got her back to an apartment after the surgery. I fed her every morning and I was less worried for I am with her. Seti didn’t use to reside in my house, but every day, I used to cook for Seti and Shere. Seti used to be on my gate right at 9 am. But yesterday, she missed my gate, and I missed her badly. I neither saw Seti nor Shere around. I placed the food in the pot outside. I thought maybe the guard fed them full tonight that they didn’t come to my gate that morning. When I came back from office, I saw that food untouched. I asked people in my house, and they said Seti did not come.
I again placed the food for Seti and headed to my office. Instead of heading to my home after office work, I decided to go to an apartment. I went there and saw Shere but I could see Seti nowhere. I asked the guard, “Why isn’t Seti coming to my place for food since two days?”
I was so hurt, and my eyes were filled with tears after I heard the guard replied that Seti is no more! She died yesterday on the spot after being hit by the vehicle. I asked where its dead body is and he said it’s just lying there in the bush and smelling very awful.
I feel so vacant with eyes full of tears and mind full of questions while typing this. All I think is I would not have brought her back from the shelter after spaying, she would have been safe at least. Since I already have 105 dogs at the shelter, one Seti would not have made much difference. But my shelter isn’t that big enough in real. Had it been spacious enough I would have adopted all the street dogs in Nepal.

We often buy a rare breed of dog and tag ourselves as a dog lover. What would go wrong if one adopts a dog from the shelter to create space for the new needy and ill dogs? To create the space for the new sick dogs, we need to release 4-5 dogs every day. Unless we do this, we won’t be able to bring in sick dogs because there is no space left. And I do not have enough money to buy more land to increase the area. I even approached the Government for land, but I was denied.
My heart has been crying badly for Seti. There are many dogs like Seti which not only has difficulty feeding themselves but also die untimely every day on the road while crossing the road for hope to get the food in the heap of waste across the road. Who should be held responsible for this? Maybe I should doubt in people who purchase an expensive breed of around 50 thousand but doesn’t have the heart to feed these hungry street dogs which roam around their gate. Can’t these be adopted instead? Or maybe I should blame the government which mocks you when you talk about the animal rights. Perhaps, this court, which has belittled the importance of animal right and always postponed the hearing of my cases which raises the issue of animal cruelty and daily untimely death of animals due to the road accident. Ultimately I consider myself mad because I love these voiceless animals to this extent.
I cried my heart out and I have to search Seti’s dead body as soon as the sun rays hit the earth tomorrow morning. I realize Seti will never be there at my gate for the food. And may be gradually I stop missing Seti and forget it eventually after all I am human too. But that Shere for whom Seti was the world and the friend he had, how would he be feeling? Nor he has a voice to express how he feels.

Who will make Shere understand that Seti will never be back again? It has been two days Shere have not eaten any food. Seti never used to bark in the night after she was fed full stomach. Maybe she barked because she was hungry or maybe she barked to express her loyalty and gratitude to the guard who fed her with whatever he could. How I wish Seti and Shere to be back again somehow and disturb me all day and night by barking.

I know Seti has to place where from she can never return to my gate and the food in the bowl is still waiting for her- REST IN PEACE SETI!!!

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