They Kept on Promising to Take him Home, But it Never Happened. She was Abandoned.

We found this guy abandoned on the streets, hungry, scared and injured. He has been in our shelter for a year. Unlike most of our cases, we even tracked down his owner and they promised to come pick it up. Time and again we messaged them and called them. They kept on promising to take him home. But it never happened.

There are so many dogs that get abandoned by their owners every day. We can never understand why this happens. Do you abandon your family when you feel like they are a burden? Do you kick them out of the house and see them in the streets every day and ignore?

Do you think you can suddenly change your responsibilities once you find out it is difficult? This dog is old. When you are old, all you need and want is the love and support. But instead of all that it gets abandoned. A dog that has been living in a house, suddenly in the streets and has to fend for itself. He is still waiting for its owner to date. Such is the love of a dog!
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