Treating Street Dogs With Skin Disease, Sneha’s Care Rescue Team


Many dogs in the street are seen with skin disease. How can they survive this winter without any fur in their body? We have been receiving many calls and messages regarding the skin disease but unfortunately we cannot bring all the dogs in the shelter as we cannot accommodate many skin diseased dogs in just seven kennels available at the shelter for this kind of diseased dogs.

dThey need to be kept in an isolated area where they shouldn’t be in contact with other dogs. Why not people start building a temporary shelter in the street when this kind of dogs are seen? We will be more than happy to come on the spot & begin treatment for this kind of case. The dogs will gain their fur back in a month or two after regular medication.

sThe dog in the picture  was treated at Ratopool, Kathmandu and we will be continuing the medication every week. Help us to help the injured street dogs of Kathmandu.
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