Two Life Taken on Hit and RUN, Animal Lives Matter !!!

Every day, we talk about at least one Hit & Run case, which has been reported to us. Today, we came across 2, in the same area of Lubhu. It is even hard to write about this case. These dogs were at a very critical stage when our rescue team reached there. The brown one, breathed its last, right in the hands of our rescue team member.

This is not just a ‘case’; it was a LIFE that was lost, WASTED upon someone who was in such a hurry that they MURDERED a voiceless animal. It is truly heartbreaking to see what these poor innocent dogs go through each day. How can we call ourselves ‘Humans’ when all we do are things that are inhumane? The black dog is still fighting for its life, and we fear it won’t make it. Please, we are not asking for much. Show a little kindness towards others too. They also deserve every good thing this world can offer.

This is their home too. They are not a nuisance to be kicked upon, abused upon. They have a life. Let them live it.

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