Please Watch and Drive

snehas care

We have more than five disabled dogs at the shelter and the reason is “Hit & Run”. Please be careful while driving. Your one mistake can make someone disable and make the life miserable. Please Watch & Drive Slow.

Few Comments From Facebook :

Neymar Junior Ya human hit dogs by vehicle .It might happen by mistakely also.But I don’t understand why they ran away fr0m that spot instead of taking him/her to the Vet clinic.So please friend and everybody if u find such case then plz plz help that injured dog.

Swatii Gupta It’s a shame on human kind..poor dogs god bless them and I wish these lazy inhuman drivers hv lil mercy on them.

Sonu Karki l don’t think these so called humans will be careful while driving.they see dogs crossing road also they will hit them becoz they have no humanity .they lost humanity and became demons.poor buddies.


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