We cannot save them all, But we will help those we can


Life for most street dogs in Nepal is difficult from the begening, no one to care, digging through the garbage to stay alive, freezing winter, almost no chance of a home. For those who manage to survive, terror, unimaginable cruelty, sickness, begging to survive, hopelessness, ignored, no shelter from the rain, competetion for what little food there is, afraid & alone. Their babies suffer & die alone, they have no hope, no future, and no way out. They simply exist and if help doesn’t come, death is the only releif. Thrown away with the garbage, yet still loving, pregnant & mud covered. Her only surviving baby doomed to repeat the cycle without YOUR help. We cannot save them all but we will help those we can. Please HELP us, HELP them. Youtube Link – https://youtu.be/YJbPyIuNHVQ

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