We get threatened but We shall Stand Still.. Support our Cause !!!

Is it a good thing that someone call us and threaten to send back the Goat to their location? They threatened us that they will file a case at a court for stealing the pregnant female goat.

How can some uneducated people know the difference between stealing and rescuing? We are filing a case against this person (He told he is a president of Goat Business in Nepal) for torturing this goat and not following the “Live Animal Transportation Standards” and also not following the law mentioned in Criminal Code 2017 (Muluki Ain).

Please come and fight with us if you can. We did not steal this goat, we rescued her and gave her and her to be born babies a life.
Help us help rescue more animals in need.
SHARE so that this post will reach the so called President of Goat Business Federation.

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