We Lost Our Mother : Adopt Us

We lost our mom. She is no more with us & we are no more being cared by anyone. Please take us home, we need love, we need care & we love our new family. We promise to be a nice member of your family, we will never let you down, we will take care of your house and belongings when you are out. We will be ok with few left foods that you feed us & we promise that we will never ask for more. We will behave good when guests come into the house & make you proud by greeting them well.

adoptOne of my friend who was adopted few days back died yesterday and we are very sad to hear this, the other friend was asked by a mother of the house to throw her out today.

adopt straydogs

Please don’t adopt us and leave us on the street if you want to do the same with us. We will be happy on the street rather than dying or thrown from the house once adopted. If you like us, please give us home.

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