We Miss You BOB !!!! Heaven Welcomes You

Whom to blame? Farmers who abandon the calves, Weak Government who cannot make the law against this cruelty, People who eat and drink dairy products even though there is an alternative of milk available? Whom to blame the death of poor Bob who passed away this morning?

Bob was rescued from the street 30 days back and in exact 30 days of his stay at our shelter he left us all today. We gave him LOVE, CARE and whatever we had to make him feel comfortable at our place. We couldĀ not save him.

What you feel when your baby dies in 3 months after being separated from his/her mom? Don’t they have feelings? Don’t they miss their mom? They do, this world is for all the creatures and not just for we humans. A child only knows the pain of separation from his/her mom.

Bob is just an example, there are thousands of Bob in the street today and again, who is responsible for this? It is we HUMAN who are so selfish that when cows and bulls outlive their usefulness and or are considered too much of a financial burden, we human owners just set them loose on the streets.The government is so busy in corruption that they have no time to make a law for those who abandon animals. And we consumers are so much mean that we will never stop eating the products from animals even though there is an alternative for it. Unless we stop consuming dairy products, many Bob will be on pain everyday.

Rest in Peace Bob. You will always be with us.

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