When a Pure Heart Meets a Drowning Soul, All it takes is a First Step….

snehacare pasang dai

It was Thursday morning, April 20th 2017, when people around the shelter were heard crying and panicking after they saw a kid of goat fallen into the well. The goat was trapped at the bottom of a 60-foot well. What caused it to fall into the well was not immediately clear but people assumed that the storm that had occurred in the forth-night made the knot with which the goat was tied to loosen. It then escaped from its shelter. Everyone was worried about the kid of the goat but no one dared to get into the well to rescue it!!

Since the incident occurred right infront of our Shelter, Pasang dai, a staff of Sneha’s Care Center, who was cleaning the shelter heard people screaming for help. He rushed toward the crowd and got to know about the poor little kid. He went towards the well and heard the sound coming from inside a well. But he couldn’t see the kid. It wasn’t so visible. But what was obvious? The poor helpless animal would soon drown.


It didn’t take long for Pasang dai to realize his moral duty towards that goat and he didn’t hesitate; he ran into the well with the support of the rope and recued it. He saved the goat. The owner and the entire residents thanked him for saving the life! They even quoted him to be “HERO”.  Pasang dai wouldn’t have done this if he was only working for earning living. He had this courage because he truly loves animal and considers life of the animal to be as precious as the human!!


I, Sneha, am excited to share this true story. In a world where animals are so often devalued, there are ordinary people who will urgently do everything in their power to save a helpless animals. I am very proud that I work with people like Pasang dai hand in hand to the animals and for the animals!!

I am truly greatful to Pasang Dai—YAY! Victory!!


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