World Rabies Day 2015

World Rabies Day 2015 – Drove to Dhulikhel. Left Kathmandu at 12:00 Noon and back on 5:00 PM. We vaccinated 65 Street Dogs & had to come back due to lack of time, so will be there again sometime to vaccinate remaining dogs. \

It was a fruitful day as we had local volunteers & some foreigner as well. Thank you Bishesh Bhai & Friends (Local Volunteers), Suman Jee (Vet Technician from BANEPA), Ido & Stav (Volunteers from Israel) & ofcourse not to forgot Dinesh Jee & Prabin Jee (Vet Technician). Thanks team for all your support which made this World Rabies Day at Dhulikhel a wonderful one 🙂

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