Adorable Pup Hit by Vehicle at Thimi Rescued, Mr. Niranjan Chhanju Helps

It seems like the end to hit & run case is almost impossible. This adorable puppy was hit by a vehicle at Thimi, Bhaktapur. The coward hit him and ran away without looking back to correct his mistake. Fortunately, Mr. Niranjan Chhunju saw him and reported about him to us and took care of him before we reached there.

We x-rayed him and found tibia and fibula fracture of his right hind limb, and tuberosity fracture. Poor baby! he has suffered till hell. He is scared to be touched by people due to that senseless person’s carelessness. We hope to get him back to normal but for that, he has to go under surgery.

Let’s not lose hope in humanity and start helping needy animals. Donate today at to help us in his surgery.

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