Bones Shattered, Painful Journey of a Dog, Ends When Snehas Care Steps In.

In terms of development, a lot has changed in the recent years in Nepal. We have schools, hospitals and shopping malls in every corner in the major cities. The economy has increased, making it easier for people to indulge in their desires. Our lives have changed and seems like our humanity has vanished with it. This poor dog in the picture was hit by a vehicle and left to die. Take a look at the wound that the accident caused.

The skin has been scraped off to the bones. We cannot imagine how this dog must have dragged itself to the corner of a building and stayed there in such amount of pain until somebody found it and contacted us. Let’s not be the person who sees these things happening and face the other way.

Let’s help build up our faith in humanity just like we have built our nation up. Please help at least one animal you come across each day. They do not know how this world works. They are only trying to survive in a world that was built by humans. Please help us in treating these poor souls, DONATE TODAY:

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