Bring Me Home, Bring Me Home, I m Waiting For a Home

“Street Dog” that is what I am referred to. Not born as a sophisticated breed that human wish to keep as a pet had already made me belong to the street. Being a pup in such scenario is itself enough to make life harder for me. But life goes on, and I am living it. Just that I have a little prayer that I get a loving master and a home.

I was born homeless and sightless. These factors are synergistically making my life more difficult. There are hundreds of moments in my single day when I wish I weren’t “BLIND.” Living in the street, food doesn’t come my way on the plate, but I have to roam a lot just to find food for myself. This is even worse in my case for I am blind. Many of the times I end up entering the house of people, and all I get is physical abuse (being hit by a stick, stone) instead of food.
I came across a very kind hearted person who knew about the good work done by SNEHA’S CARE for dogs and the other animals. He informed the center, and Sneha’s care team immediately came searching for me. Now I am in the shelter under the care of Sneha’s Care. They are not only providing me with food and shelter but also assessing me with their vet team if my vision could be improved. I wish I would be able to see but having being cared and such selfless love in this center has brought a huge change in my life. I feel immensely happy being so loved.

Above all these, I need a home and a master who cares for me and that feeling of belonging to someone. Maybe it could be you! Prayers that the person who is reading my story have a loving heart and that ability to change my Life for good forever. I wish I could say, “I was found by him/ her and I lived happily ever after.”

P.S. If anyone wishes to adopt me and give a home, I am waiting for you in Sneha’s Care. Please contact the center if you feel for me!!!

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