Calf in Critical Condition Rescued, Thank you Krishna & Friends, Thank you SPCA Nepal

Yesterday, a calf was rescued from Faika, Kapan. He had fallen from a certain height into the ground below. For 3 whole days, he lied there sometimes conscious and sometimes unconscious. For 3 whole days, he waited for death, unable to move, in pain and tears streaming down his face. Thanks to Krishna and friends for making a temporary shelter for this baby and contacting us.

Thank you to SPCA NEPAL for taking in the calf, as our shelter does not have space for bigger animals. He is in a very critical condition. We hope and pray for his speedy recovery.
It is quite ironic; to be born from the holy mother cow, and then treated like a pest.

This country puts cows on a pedestal and at the same time snatches away its babies. If it is a male, the fate is certain; ABANDONMENT.

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