Captain Anil and Mr. Manoj Biswakarma Provides Home To Our Lovely Kids.


A mother gave birth to few puppies. Few died drowning in the water, few died of diseases, few died of hit & run, but three survived.

This happened in the Nepal Airlines premises at Newroad gate. Captain Anil Maskey informed us about the situation and handed over two puppies to us and adopted one by himself.
The same day I received call from Mr. Manoj Biswakarma (Social worker, Principal of Kidzee, Boudha, Vice Principal of Paragon School) that he want to adopt puppy. He decided to adopt both of them as they get to play together and never feel lonely.
snehas care

I was happy with his decision that he was adopting two puppies. He himself is busy in helping Earthquake victims at several places in Nepal and getting involved in helping animals from his part he can. Adopting both puppies was the biggest donation he made to Animal Welfare but he also added NRS. 5,000 which goes to welfare of several strays in Kathmandu.

sneha care
He wants his students to educate about Loving & Helping animals. I respect his thought and congratulation on adding two family member at his house/school smile emoticon. Thanks to Capt. Anil Maskey for informing and adopting one of them and Thank you Mr. Manoj Biswakarma for adopting two of them and donating fund. Wish you both a happy life with new family members.

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