Could you please declare that Cow is no more a national animal of Nepal ?


Once upon a time, I, the cow was brought in a village of Kathmandu by a farmer. The farmer was so gentle and so much caring.

He used to feed me good food, good water and even protect me from insects. I grew bigger, and I was pregnant. I gave birth to twins. One boy and a girl. I was so happy to see my babies around me. I breast fed them for few days, and suddenly one day, the farmer stopped bringing my kids near me and tied them with a rope like I was tied.

They were not allowed to drink my milk, but instead, the farmer used to sell my milk to the villagers. I then realized that I was kept with the farmer for his benefits and not because he loves me.

He was making money out of me. The day passed on, and I stopped seeing my son after a month. I cried all day looking for him; i didn’t sleep well thinking of him. Later on, I realized that he was taken away very far to the city and left in the street because he was of no use to the farmer. He doesn’t give milk as he is a male calf. I then made myself strong and realized that this is the life cycle of animals for the use of humans.

I am kept alive for milk and my Calfs are abandoned in the street. My baby girl will grow bigger and see the same thing that I see today.
I already know that my abandoned baby calf is already dead being hit by a vehicle , he shall not live more.

Photo – Dead calf found in Teku, Kathmandu



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