“Dancing bear got rescued by Team Sneha’s”

“Dancing bear got rescued by Team Sneha’s”

Having the information received from the locals of Siraha District, Team Sneha’s Care headed overnight towards the destination to rescue the Dancing Bear.

This little chap was found in a small village where his owner was making him perform the show. Our team then started the mission to rescue him with the help of local police. The name of this bear is “Dhuturu”. Dhuturu is an year old bear and started to perform since last month. It is good that we luckily found him on time and not let him dance his entire life. Dhuturu can be called as the “Last Dancing Bear Of Nepal”. According to the community there are no more Dancing Bears in Nepal anymore after Dhuturu.

We brought Dhuturu to Kathmandu and he is now at the Central Zoo and is in the procedure to be relocated to India with other friends like him to start the life he always wanted.

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