Dog song by Sneha

Dog song by Sneha

This Video was created by ” Love and Care Street Dogs ” : The real Scenario has been captured. The Dogs displayed during the video was captured during the treatment
done by Sneha. Sneha Shrestha , who has been actively involved in providing the treatment of streets dogs in the streets of Kathmandu and the areas around is self motivated lady , many refer her as the ” Mother of Street Dogs ” even featured by the Program ” Rupantaran ” , Image channel.

This Song was sung by Mr.Prabin Bajracharya, who is also the stray dog lover and established singer and is very actively involved in saving the street dogs coordinating with Love and Care Street Dogs.

The video incompasses the pain “street dogs ” feelings on How the Human treats them when they are Ignored, acid attacked, poisoned, neglected.
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This video brings the message on why do the humans does such acts , Why do they treat them without mercy where they forget the humanity? Why do humans forgets that even the dogs on the streets has the soul as humans??


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