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Family Time

If you remember this little boy, he was rescued from Bhaktapur on July 25th, 2015. As i mentioned earlier, he has tumor inside his mouth and surgery cannot be done. He had bleeding from just above the nose where he had a hole made by tumor.


stray dogs

He had ECANIS disease as well. Successfully treated his diseases but he is not going to survive much because of his tumor.

stray dogs

Decided to leave him on the place where we rescued him from so that he can at least live happily with his siblings.

stray dogs

I will be visiting him often and if the tumor grows bigger and start infecting him more towards nose, eyes and the day when he seems like he don’t want to live more,

stray dogs

i will ask my vet to put him down. Pray for his remaining life and may he live more without pain.

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