Feed a starving dog at least once a day


How much money do people these days spend on dandy stuff and other fancy accessories or for their entertainments? And how much do you think would one need to feed a starving dog at least once a day, helpless dogs that feed over abdominal foods they find out in the streets, foods that are so disgusting that no doubt invites gruesome diseases.

streetdogTry keeping your heads low and your eyes wide open and see the awful state of the dogs in the streets, and I believe no dogs deserve that, not a price to pay for their true-blue. We humans, are superior or consider ourselves to be, and with that power comes responsibility. These poor dogs rely on us for a better survival, and a small pie from all the responsibilities we have is more than enough for them to thrive. Our team has been trying to keep up to this task of eradicating all these miseries and remorse pain these innocent creatures has to face and this is only possibles when it’s not just you or me but us, working hand in hand together.

This dog was rescued about 8 days ago in a very miserable state so our team is determined to make him healthy once again in no time.
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