From the rich bed linens to the garbage dumpsite. Shame On You Owners

When you are born into a family of humans, where the soft cushioned fabric was your bed, it is hard to survive once you are out on the streets. This poor dog was rescued today from Sanepa. He has issues with his hind legs and is also deaf. Surviving in this harsh world is hard enough, but when you have a disability, it is a whole another story. He was a pet once, he has devoted himself to someone once and that same person threw him away when he started to become a responsibility that they could not look after.

We want to ask the previous owner; will you do the same to your kids if you felt like taking care of them was not worth it anymore? Just looking at him is breaking our hearts. After all of this, this adorable baby has a smile on his face. SHAME ON THE OWNERS!

A big thank you to Sabin for reporting it to us, you have saved a life today! If you would like us to help more animals, PLEASE DONATE TODAY:

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