Fury with Skin Condition Rescued from Pepsicola

Suffering from a long time, this furry was finally encountered by M/s Anusha Karki at Pepsicola. We were soon reported about her pathetic condition. She had started to smell bad out of the wounds all over her body. Our team did the possible spot treatment and rescued her. Our vet diagnosed that skin problem is what she is going through.

The problem couldn’t be cured timely due to which the odor spread through the infected areas. Poor girl! she must have been in a great trouble. Now that she is rescued, our team of veterinarian has started her treatment and we are positive about her cure.

sShe doesn’t want more. Just a little love and support from you all will give her infinite joy. Sponsor her today at www.snehacare.org/donate so that she could get the best possible treatment.

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