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Get well soon boy

My name is FAMOUS 🙂 -Informed by Bipin bhai about this dog where he saw him two days back at Banepa.

stray dogs

I informed Mr. Uttam about this dog and he found him in the area as he lives there and gave him First aid at the local pet shop in Banepa. Cancelled a very important business meeting and had fight with my husband to go there at Banepa but finally convinced him.

stray dogs


Immediately Drove to Banepa and brought the dog to Kathmandu for his treatment. He was maggot wounded, Critically Low Blood Level (PCV), Critically Dehydrated even after first session of fluid therapy at the rescue spot, Ecanis tested Positive & having Septisemia. He is under intensive care at Animal Medical Center under Dr. Sushil. Another 24 hour he will be under close observation and still his recovery in uncertain.

stray dogs


Once his recovery chances is better he will be under my care at my place. But always hope for best and pray for his recovery

stray dogs

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