Happy Birthday Sneha !!!

To people it is just a day, to us its a very special day because its the day for celebration. Our founder, Sneha Shrestha who is a kind lady, an inspiring spokeperson and most of all an animal lover who is always ready to help furries was born on this auspicious day. Mark it! Its September 1st and this phenomenal soul took a birth in the land of world’s highest peak, Sagarmatha.

Sneha Shrestha has solely established a shelter for street dogs, Sneha’s Care being unable to see many dogs die due to disease and hit and run cases. She is alone funding 80% of the expenses for the organization and the rest is donation. Her generiosity and love for these furries have let the organization moving ahead. Previously, there were only 7 dogs in the shelter and now the number has risen to 130. She has helped not only dogs but few cases of bull calves, cows, birds, donkeys and monkeys are also medicated till date.

We, Team Sneha’s wish her many many happy returns of the day. Long live her selfless service to the furries. Wish her a happy birthday.

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