Healing the scar on the existence of street dogs…

Is there any end to the limitless cruelty?? No wonder when will our doggies get a life without any fear and threaten. Inhumane behaviour has put up a scar on the existence of street dogs. They don’t even care to behave even to a small puppy who has just seen the world a little while ago. This kiddo was brought to our shelter from Kusunti by Mr. Rajiv.

He saw him in pain so brought him to us. Our doctor found that there is a serious problem with him. He is semi-conscious may be due to hiting by person. His head moves repeatedly as in unconsiousness. His eyes has lot to tell if we observe him from near. He groans time and again as if someone has just beaten him a while ago.

There is problem in one of his leg and he rolls over wherever he is placed in. Doesn’t seem like a normal thing happened in his life. Our doctor has a deep hope to bring him back to normal and give him a good life.

Don’t harm an animal. They are living being who have feeling same as yours. Donate today to give life to a dog at www.snehacare.org/donate .

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