Hi, I am Setu and This is my Story


My name is Setu. I always stay in front of one of the stationary shop at Old Baneshwor. I was stinking like anything, hair from the body was falling apart, so much dirt in both ears, i myself was feeling so much uncomfortable as i was very dirty and stinking, and the shop owner called Sneha’s Care to check what had happened to me.

I was rescued by her but i was afraid when i was leased. I was then taken to the vet clinic for my Distemper & Skin checkup. I have distemper negative and i am under medicine as i am badly dehydrated, scabies, rotten ear.

My friend then took me to her place and gave me a hot water shower and dried my hair with dryer. I feel so fresh and free now. I don’t want to go back to street anymore once i am recovered. Anyone willing to give me home?

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