Hi I am Snow

My name is Snow. I am almost one year old. I used to live with a good family but then one day a big thing hit Nepal (Earthquake). My family left the house but left me as well. I was wandering where to go. Finally i made my home one of the street of Baluwatar.

stray dogs

I used to eat good food everyday when i was with my family but once i came to street, i had no food to eat, no water to drink and no more treat. Instead, people use to throw stones on me, other dogs in the street used to chase me 🙁 I was so scared everyday.

stray dogs

I spent almost 6 months in the street trying to survive everyday. Few days back, Sneha Mom saw me lying on the street and thought that i am someone’s pet and gave me some biscuits. She saw me many times again and again and asked the local about myself, they told her that i was in this locality since earthquake. She realised that i was abandoned so took me to the vet clinic two days back for my treatment.


My body was so dirty and full of tick & fleas, she trimmed my hair which i didn’t liked but later felt so relaxed once all my dirty hair were removed and i had a nice shower:) .

stray dogs

 Now i am looking for a nice home and don’t want to go back to street again. Please adopt me, i am a nice boy

stray dogs

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