Hit and run again… another case at snehas care

The number of reported hit and run cases are shooting up day by day. This adorable looking dog is also one of the victims of such negligence. This incident was reported to us by Sharmila Pradhan early morning. She seemed concerned about the furry and panicked at the same time on the phone when she reported the case to us. Our team reported back on time and rescued the wretched dog. His neck portion seems affected. He was given proper medication and is under the observation of our vet.

Why is such a case repeating? The answer to this can be negligence of the driver and no strict laws against such inhumane acts. Some even hurt strays on purpose. They enjoy hurting innocent lives. What kind of behavior is this? If you can’t love animal at least don’t hurt them. What is the fault of those irreproachable lives? They just want to live freely and a little bit of attention. Don’t you want to give attention to them? That’s fine. At the minimum, spare their life.

Dog has a heart that holds feelings as we human do. Think of him as a living being and don’t hurt him. Give life and support treatment of street dogs

Help us help the needy animals: www.snehacare.org/donate

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