Hit by a Doctor’s car

This little boy was hit by one of the cardiologist named Bikash Subedi who work in Laligurans Hospital, Thasikhel. Doesnt matter who hit the dog, treatment is necessary. Called up the doctor for the treatment and his surgery but denied to pay as his answer was “He is a street dog & why should i pay for his treatment”. Very nice answer.

stray dogs

On top of that he asked one of his friend to call me and threaten me. His friend told me that he is a Policeman but i found out with his phone number that he is not a Policeman & his name is Mukunda Dahal.

stray dog treatement
I cannot fight with those Doctors or so called Policeman and wait for the money to be paid by these people. I immediately started his treatment and he is on complete rest now. He has four factures on his two hind legs. His left leg is smashed as you can see on the X-Ray. Pinning has been done in his right leg and waiting for him to heal.

stray dog
People start hitting the street dogs but i will never keep on stopping their treatment. Common humans hit more & i will make sure there will be a Animal law in this country someday & you will think more than 1000 times to cross through me.

stray dog

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