Hit & Run – Good Job Humans.


This is why we have opened up an organisation, so that you can hit the dog with your car and we bring the dogs for treatment. How easy it is. Isnt it? She got rescued from Koteshwor once being informed by several people who witnessed her. She has multiple deep wounds.


On the top of that most serious issue- she has got ventral hernia, secondary to accident that happens when body gets the huge impact on belly region. Since the dog is vomiting very badly there may be possibility of urinary bladder rupture or possible severe intestinal trauma. Now we are trying to stabilize the dog and another 24 hours is very critical until she gets stable.13892251_704717203010620_7225116038974322379_n


Blood test and other diagnostics are ongoing to rule out all the possible effects on the body due to trauma. Dr. has suggested to operate the dog to correct the hernia as soon as possible once all of her vitals gets stable. But still her recovery depends upon how bad is the damage inside the abdominal cavity.


As per the Dr. If urinary bladder is not ruptured and intestines are not damaged she will recover well but still another 24 hours we can’t say anything. Let’s hope for the best & pray for her recovery.


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